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        ATS3000 Shield Placer won the 2016 annual” EM Asia Innovation Awards”

        2016/3/5 15:56:43 Browsing volume:3549

        On April 27, 2016, the 11th "EM Asia innovation awards” ceremony was held in  Shanghai World Expo and Exhibition Center .The award is aiming to recognize a variety of products related to electronics manufacturing, materials, software and equipment which has promoted Asian Electronics manufacturing development and innovations in the year of 2015 . American Tec ATS3000 Shield Placer has won the awards of Automatic Assembling System –Automation System/Instrument with its new superb automation technology.

        AmericanTec ATS 3000 Shield Placer appliers to the production of wireless terminals (mobile phone, pad, U key, network communication products ets ), to replace man power to process placing, silicon pad placing ,labeling, bar code identification and other operations to realized the real “ machine replacing man power “ . With its high efficiency multi-shaft head, high –precision vision system, high-precision conveyor transport system , universal nozzles and other new technologies ,

        ATS 3000 Shield Placer will help to prompt the building of smart manufacturing factory.

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