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        SEMICON & OPTO

        Semicon & OPTO

        FLIP CHIP / BGA

        SSP Cover


        1. Boat Gripper & Step Motorized Feeding System.

        2. Strip & Cover Plate Picker Gripper & Vacuum Picker.

        3. Automatic Magazine and Strip Width Conversion for Reduction of Set up time (62mm ù74mm).

        4. ID Inspection Vision System for Good/Reject Unit Count & Orientation Detect function.



        1.   Multiple Magazine Loader (3~6 Magazines)

        2.   Automatic Strip Width Conversion (Single & Matrix Boat)

        3.   Mechanical Pre-alignment by Precise Jig 

        4.   X- Y -Z Position Control By Servo Motor

        5.   Flux Squeegee & Pin Dotting Fluxing

        6.   5 Vision Inspection System

        (1) PCB PRS Vision (1.4M CCD)

        (2) Auto Set-Up (1.4M CCD)

        (3) Ball Volume Detect Vision (1.4M CCD)

        (4) Ball Tool Inspection Vision (8M CCD) 

        (5) Ball Quality Inspection Vision (8M CCD)

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